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Kostadin Krastev

Managing Director​

(718) 619-8502

Kostadin Krastev is a Managing Director at Innovative Shareholder Strategies with more than 13 years of experience in financial software analysis and project management. Kostadin has expertise in the full Software Development Life Cycle and in financial modeling in the context of a variety of frameworks and technological stacks. 


Kostadin began his professional career at the Global Credit Trading Division of UBS. At UBS, Kostadin managed the development, implementation, and release of a risk reporting tool that integrated data flows from various asset classes; developed and maintained a quantitative Excel model validating the calculations of CDS index decomposition, hedging, and relative value measurements; and managed the CDS portfolio validation.

While at the IT team of Citigroup’s Global Securitized Markets, Kostadin systemized and organized the data flows of the commercial loan warehouse; automated and centralized the documentation and exception tracking process; assisted desk management in deploying a real-time P&L prediction facility across the GSM space; and created a real-time predictive, auto-correction learning feed of customer flows and preferences for the sales desk.

Prior to joining Innovative Shareholder Strategies, Kostadin worked at RiskFocus, Inc. Kostadin was placed at the Global Prime Brokerage Division of UBS where he managed the planning, design and implementation of a front-to-back offering for a Client Clearing solution for Interest rate, credit and FX derivatives; worked on the integration and achievement of regulatory compliance with respect to Dodd-Frank, swap data repository, EMIR transaction and position reporting for exchange trade derivatives and centrally cleared OTC; and automated a client solution of pre-trade initial margin estimation.


Kostadin is a graduate of Macalester College. He lives in New York City with his family and enjoys downhill skiing, classical cinema, and traveling in Latin America. 

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