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ESOP Advisory

Our professionals have completed over 20 transactions in 8 states.

Providing liquidity opportunities for shareholders through the use of Employee Stock Ownership Plans is one of our core competencies. ESOPs can be the ideal solution for companies looking to provide liquidity to shareholders, ensure smooth business continuation, or increase employee benefits.


Innovative Shareholder Strategies is a Founding Member of National ESOP Partners (“NEP”). Through our membership at NEP, we have offices across the country and are able to offer unparalleled ESOP expertise. 


Our ESOP practice provides the following services:

- conducts tailored feasibility studies;

- devises optimal transaction structures;

- prepares offering memoranda; 

- secures appropriate debt and equity financing;

- negotiates transaction and financing terms;

- manages ESOP implementation processes;

- leads employee communication; and

- provides “mature” ESOP consulting.


Our professionals have the expertise in structuring, financing, negotiating, and executing minority and majority sales to ESOPs, redemptions, and second sales to ESOPs.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about ESOPs.

We worked with ISS on a Chicago area ESOP transaction ... They did an excellent job in getting the selling shareholders to the closing table on time and on budget and conducted the entire transaction in an efficient, professional, and organized manner.


Gregory Brown,


Holand & Knight LLP 

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